Vanya Zhuk (juk) wrote,
Vanya Zhuk

британский гардиан пишет приятные слова - даже если и не особо увлечен футболом

Russia are the favourites and, indeed, many people's crafty fancy for a semi-final place, at least. They're a resolutely attacking side and capable of eminently nifty interplay even though that renowned purveyor of happy vibes, Andrei Arshavin, says "we lack too much speed to go far." Maybe they do lack speed, but they have a core of players from Zenit St Petersburg and ingenuity a-plenty from tricksters such as Alan Dzagoev, Marat Izmailov (who starts on the bench tonight) and even Arshavin himself. Roman Shirokov will drive menacingly from midfield; and I've placed a modest sum on Aleksandr Kerzakhov to be the tournament's top scorer.
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