Vanya Zhuk (juk) wrote,
Vanya Zhuk

хочу порекомендовать любителям английской поэзии найти у natsla (прекрасная, вот, кстати, блюзовая певица, жаль в Израиль уехала (Нацла, я тебя не смущаю?) )
найти у ней там, не в Израиле, а в журнале, англоязычные стихи Бродского (не менее 4х), столь, признаться, неплохие, что хочется повесить, будь она неладна, гармошку на хомут, и заиграть, ну, скажем, С G F C,

"Why don't we board a train and go off to Persia?
Persia doesn't exist, obviously, but inertia
does. It's a better vehicle than any old engine, Johnny,
and we may have a comfortable, an eventful journey."

"Why do you call me Johnny when you know I am Billy, Mary?
Perhaps because of inertia? It's Johnny you want to marry,
not me. But he is not in Persia, he went off to Warsaw,
although after 1945 it's a different city also."

"Of course, you are Billy, Billy; and I'm not Mary, either.
Actually, I am Suzy: you are welcome to check my Visa.
But let's be Mary and Johnny, like in the Ark of Noah,
or nameless, the way we were when we were spermatozoa..."

это не всё

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